We are suffering from a new problem – Not having enough time to become ourselves. In many ways it is the life we have created – filed with work, relationships and commitments that take over, distract and divide our time. We live fast-paced lives designed to disallow the periods of reflection that would render the truth about how we treat our minds, hearts and goals. We live under a unanimous concept — doing the best we can with what we have.

But what happens when you only look ‘out there’ for truth? What happens if you, like many people today, never look within?
The simple answer is that the truth never arrives. You end up living life staring through a false projection of reality and die never having experienced the world outside of your limited purview. We have to step up and step outside of ourselves.

If you never take time to reflect, you live in a world of pure illusion. Thoughts, emotions and external stimuli control you. You may find yourself a slave to things you never remember taking on. Yet within each of us is a spark of determination, of wanting to be something more than what we have accepted as “normal” “healthy” or “busy.”

In looking within, you discover that you have pretty much everything you need. You are the source of all your happiness, sadness, failure and success. It all about your knowledge, application and determination. Thats where I help people. To look inside and find the strength to apply themselves in ways that work within the life they currently have and ultimately improve the life that leads them to greater happiness, understanding and balance.

Jim, Owner J3