Healthy Attitude For All

A healthy attitude is above all about choosing the right thoughts and understanding the value in doing so. As the saying goes “Guard your mind; it’s a million-dollar asset.”
Its about taking your own well being into account as well as acknowledging and understanding others well-being. We don’t want to cause others harm as we build our life, do we?

It is the opposite of unhelpful, unproductive habits, and behaviors.

That does not mean that you will not have bad days or times when you feel utterly overwhelmed, lost, betrayed, or let down – as if you have hit the end of the road. That is a given and its ok. It is fine to lose yourself or retreat from time to time. What is important is to pick yourself up after you have allowed yourself the time and space to process all the emotions. With a healthy attitude, even when you are in the middle of a crisis, you know that this will pass. You know in your heart that you will be fine tomorrow, or maybe next month. Doesn’t matter the magnitude of your challenge, you just know that eventually you will rise again.

Your Job

Your job is to cultivate a productive mindset, and if you feel there is someone who wronged you, don’t drive yourself crazy thinking of getting back at them or wishing harm for them. No. A healthy attitude focuses on what is within your power and whether it is ultimately good for you (and others). You approach everything in life with this mindset, and you gradually outcrowd unhelpful or lazy thoughts.

The best way to cultivate a healthy attitude is through understanding yourself and your mindset (meditation), I feel. Or just by reminding yourself again and again, each time you feel irritated, depressed, lost, confused, etc., that there’s a better way to handle things. There’s ALWAYS a better, productive way to handle things.

Then you set about the task to FIND it. Allow yourself to experience the entire gamut of emotions that comes with challenging times/episodes, but in the end, emerge with this takeaway — there’s a better way and YOU WILL find it. Nothing grand, just a quiet confident conviction that you can feel in your bones. It gets better with time. Your attitude is the conversation you have with yourself. A healthy attitude is positive, proactive, and uplifting. But, a healthy attitude is also a realistic attitude that keeps you in check (and safe).

It’s mind over matter

A healthy attitude is how you perceive life. Where you look at your life, the situations and your choices with a positive mindset. A healthy attitude defines the type of person you are and you will become today, tomorrow and in the lives of those you touch.